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Capture Your Audience

Stand out with engaging, and compelling recordings that keep people listening .




Let me work with you to plan the best arrangement and instrumentation that brings out the soul of each song.


I'll use a blend of modern and vintage techniques that will professionally capture your sound.



We will work together to cohesively craft your songs to sound full, clear and natural.

I can jump into your project, regardless of what stage of the process you are in.


Songs produced by Jason Reif

Freestone Media is producer Jason Reif

Jason Reif is a lifelong musician, and a 20+ year guitarist who developed a love for creating music through his experience in various bands, church music teams and hobbyist recording.

He brings a well versed knowledge of music into every project, and is known for helping artists achieve a sound that is true to their musical personality

Since he started Producing Music in 2005 he has had the honor work with many incredible local artists.  

His Credits include Award Winning Local Artists Dina Hall, and Julia Sommer 

Jason Reif is a true professional, and I completely enjoyed working with him. He worked efficiently, and communicated clearly, all the while listening to my needs and goals for production.
— Dina Hall
Top notch work from start to finish. He made the final product even better than we thought it could be. Seriously, do not hesitate to choose to work with him. You won’t be disappointed!
— Kamin P.
Jason is a great collaborator and wants to see every song succeed on paper, and in recording. The quality of mastering and musicianship he displayed helped our music to come to life in a new way. We left the studio not only with a great product but also learned from him and his musical and recording collaboration.
— The Cedar Routes

The Studio

The Freestone Production Suite is located within Real Studio in Bethlehem, PA

This partnership allows me to accommodate any size recording date with top of the line equipment.

I have access to fine gear including pieces from Neumann, Royer, Telefunken, SSL, API and Universal Audio. Monitoring by Adam Audio and Focal.

My suite is directly connected to the studio’s vocal room and allows me to work flexibly with a variety of sounds..


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