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we help ambitious musicians create songs that win the hearts of their local scene (and beyond)

Proudly representing the Lehigh Valley, PA and serving artists remotely all over the world.



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As artists, our brains are often spinning with ideas. Our pre-pro process helps transfer your awesome ideas into a clear plan of action that will ensure everything gets done on time and in an organized manner. This removes all of the stress! For local clients, we can do preproduction together. For remote/online clients we can do this over Skype.


The worst thing that happens to musicians is when they put a ton of work into a song or album, release it, and then… Crickets. We’ll collaborate with you on marketing ideas that you can implement while we are working on your song so that when it’s released, you already have an audience.


Freestone does production, recording, writing, arrangement, and mixing/mastering. But it’s not just about providing you with recording services. You can get that anywhere. We focus on doing whatever necessary to make sure your song sounds brilliant from start to finish. We will prescribe the best solution (combination of services) based on what we feel will make your song the best it can be.


Finishing your song isn’t the end of the process. It’s the beginning. No more will you have sit around wondering “What do I do now?” Freestone will lay out a roadmap for your release strategy and connect you with the right folks to execute it. Get ready to make some big moves!


The Freestone Sound

meet your producer & advisor Jason Reif

Jason Reif is a lifelong musician, and a 20+ year guitarist who developed a love for creating music through his experience in various bands, church music teams and hobbyist recording.

He brings a well versed knowledge of music into every project, and is known for helping artists achieve a sound that is true to their musical personality

Since he started Producing Music in 2005 he has had the honor work with many incredible local artists.  

His Credits include notable local artists such as Dina Hall, Seth Witcher and Julia Sommer 

Jason Reif is a true professional, and I completely enjoyed working with him. He worked efficiently, and communicated clearly, all the while listening to my needs and goals for production.
— Dina Hall
Top notch work from start to finish. He made the final product even better than we thought it could be. Seriously, do not hesitate to choose to work with him. You won’t be disappointed!
— Kamin P.
Jason is a great collaborator and wants to see every song succeed on paper, and in recording. The quality of mastering and musicianship he displayed helped our music to come to life in a new way. We left the studio not only with a great product but also learned from him and his musical and recording collaboration.
— The Cedar Routes
Jason is such a great producer. He has worked with me PATIENTLY and CONSISTENTLY throughout the whole process until I loved everything about my song. I highly recommend him and his studio as it is extremely professional and efficient.
— Seth Witcher

Our Creative Space

The Freestone Production Suite is located within Real Studio in Bethlehem, PA

The good news? You have access to the studio from anywhere in the world.

This partnership allows me to accommodate any size recording date with top of the line equipment.

My suite is directly connected to the studio’s vocal room and allows me to work flexibly with a variety of sounds..


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