Producer's Block

I don't claim to be a songwriter, but I love to take songs by other artists and make them great.  Producer? Maybe, I feel more like a song developer.  Either way, I love doing it.

Sometimes though, a song might just seem impossible to make it interesting.  It could be that it could go in so many directions, that you can't just make up your mind.   In  this case though, the song I am working on has potential, but the way the artist demoed it for me was honestly just boring.  No matter how many times I listen to it, I couldn't get an idea of where to take it.  I know I could just slap some run-of-the-mill rock tracks on it and move on, but one goal I have for my productions is to not let it go until I love it.

So my approach for this song was to bring up iTunes radio and just hit let in shuffle on a few genres to get ideas.  I listened outside the studio, until I heard something that I thought might fit the song.  Now I am going back and forth trying ideas on the song to see if they work.  It is taking way longer than the previous song for this artist, but after three evenings I finally have an intro.  I know it doesn't sound like much, but the beginning paves the way for so much of the song.

Finally I am past frustration, and getting excited with the song.

More to come...