Awesome Online Training Resources for Home Studios

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1. The Home Recording Show- Go listen to every episode.  Great.  Now do it again.  These guys make a fun show, are very knowledgeable, and talk about EVERYTHING.  I have learned so many things from them its crazy.  The best part is that its a FREE podcast.

2. Home Studio Corner- Joe Gilder amazes me with how knowledgable he is, and how much great work he does in a spare bedroom.  He is challenging and encouraging, and will inspire you to get more work done and keep learning.  He offers a free blog and email list, many free videos, but go ahead and pay the $10 a month to be a VIP member.  This subscription is full of great content, a private forum and a host of other perks.  For more in depth training he also sells a number of  video series.

4. Lynda is a training resource for any type of creative or technology field.  There are hundreds of courses to choose from ranging from specific software to general audio theory and recording techniques.  Not so bad for $25 per month.

5. CreativeLive-  this is a newer site that also specialized in training for multiple creative fields.  They hold live training sessions with top notch professionals that are very detail oriented.  The best part is, if you watch the class live its absolutely FREE!   After the fact you can buy the videos for $75-$99.  Still well priced for a 10-16 hour course.

6. Duelling Mixes -  Joe Gilder and Graham Cochrane have put their heads together to create a great community of aspiring mixers.  For $27, every month you get a new song to practice mixing.  You can discuss it in the forum and listen to each others work.  At the end of the month Graham and Joe post videos about their own mixes and the techniques they used.  The community then gets to vote on whose was the best.  Lots to practice and learn.  Also lots of fun.

7. Recording Lounge-  this is another very in depth podcast, put out by Kendal Osborne from Oklahoma.  He offers lots of tips, theory and examples, all which are more on the technical side, which is fine by me.  This is a professional guy who works in a big studio as well as out of his own project studio.


I'm sure this will be only the first of many posts about great training.  I will definitely add more as I find and dive into others.  Please comment with any you know and love.

Lessons Learned- Relying on Presets

No track you record or mix will ever be the same.  Even the same instrument on the same song with have slight differences that need different treatment.  This is why presets that come built into plugins can't be a fix all for every situation.  They may be a good starting point for certain tasks, but as I have found out, they can hurt you more than you think.

The waves SSL G Compressor

The waves SSL G Compressor

Recently I was finishing up a 5 song EP for a client and there were a few songs that just weren't sounding right.  I can't explain what I didn't like, but they didn't breathe right.  After trying various things, I found that I had used a preset on my master buss compressor, that had set the release to "Auto".  The truth is, I don't really know how "Auto" works.  I thought I had liked this preset before, so I made the mistake of trusting it.  As soon as I changed the release to a shorter time, suddenly the song came together.  It just worked.  If I had used what I had learned before, and always set my release to breathe with the pulse of the song, I wouldn't have wasted time trying to get it right later.

I admit that I have been trusting presets too much, instead of being intentional and using my ears to get the right processing.  I am going to commit to learn my tools better, and stop relying on presets.  This might slow me down a bit, but it can only make my mixes better.